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156 Danbury Street SW               

Washington, DC 20032  



Contact Us Regarding Our Services or General Queries About Ideogenics                            


If you are a potential client and would like to submit an RFP or discuss a consulting engagement with Ideogenics or for general information or queries about the firm — contact info@ideogenics.com.


Media Contacts              


For media inquiries, contact 1 (669) 235-7068


Doing Business with Ideogenics         


If you would like to learn more about how to do business (e.g. as a vendor or teaming partner) with Ideogenics, click here for more information.   We are authorized resellers for multiple firms (ie HP, DELL, AVAYA, CISCO, XEROX, CANON, etc). 

Contract Inquiries - lpayne@ideogenics.com


General Recruiting Feedback   


For questions regarding open recruiting positions, feedback on our recruiting process, or technical issues with the recruiting section of our website, hr@ideogenics.com


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