Information Technology

Our Highlighted Services: Application Development Services, Loan Servicing, Apple Media Support, Information Assurance Network Scanning, Video Intrusion, Cloud Hosting Support.

Every day, government agencies, corporations, institutions, and infrastructure organizations rely on Ideogenics’ consulting services, information technology capabilities, and systems engineering and integration expertise to find solutions and seize opportunities. We combine a consultant’s unique problem-solving orientation with deep technical knowledge and strong execution to help clients achieve success.

Ideogenics provides a broad range of services in strategy, financial, organization and change, information technology, systems engineering, and program management to clients ; all directed at a commitment to deliver for clients results that endure with speed, precision, and certainty.

The firm has deep expertise in the following cross-cutting functional capabilities: Organization; Strategy; Economic; Business Analysis; Base Re-alignment; Financial; Intelligence; Operations Analysis; Information Technology; Systems Engineering; Integration; Assurance; Cybersecurity; and Acquisition Support.

In addition, Ideogenics has specialized functional expertise in areas related to the core markets and clients we serve: defense and national security; homeland security and intelligence services; housing and transportation; energy and environment.

IT Solutions

Database Development

Ideogenics builds databases and information architecture according to client requirements: data warehousing, end-user databases, operational databases, analytical databases, etc. Ideogenics’ IT specialists have years of experience working with SQL, XML, Microsoft Access, Oracle and other technologies. We work with our clients through the entire process of database development to document the process, and also to ensure that all requirements are met. For example, in our contract with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, our database developers deployed information architecture to collect, organize, analyze and report information from over a thousand documents.


Ideogenics’ applications experts implement apps specific to the client’s organization. We work with a variety of applications including, but not limited to: Microsoft Office/Suite, People Soft, SAS, CISCO, STATA, Citrix, Redhat/Fedora, and Deltek. Our goal is to create synchronized and efficient solutions while working alongside end-users and considering client specifications. Serving as integration experts, we apply our unique applications and integration methods, techniques, and tools to help defense, intelligence and civil agencies build and integrate some of the world’s most sophisticated information technology, communications, and mission systems.

Hardware Support

With our growing list of certifications – Dell, HP, Cisco, Avaya, etc. – Ideogenics can provide hardware support and maintenance for printers, scanners, shredders, medical and Motorola equipment and servers. We can offer the certified technicians you need to keep your organization’s hardware running smoothly.


Whether it’s wired or wireless, Ideogenics managed LAN/WAN service provides comprehensive network management solutions that engage network, telephony and wireless experts in the day to day management and monitoring of your network. Our managed WAN services are available for ATM/Frame Relay, MPLS, IP and Private Line networks.

Secure Networks

Ideogenics employees have extensive experience and training supporting the following: sensitive SIPRNET, JWICS, NIPRNET, and SBU. We are familiar with hosting and web development on these specific networks by protecting information related to national security.

Ideogenics engineers assisted the Intelligence Community in successfully completing a data migration on the Secret Internet Protocol Routed Network (SIPRNet) backbone – the largest classified global network in the Defense Department. Final accreditation was achieved in one year with the majority of the certification support completed in just 6 months. Our efforts were applauded by the customer’s senior managers – citing the Ideogenics team’s professionalism, technical know-how, and partnership with IC- from systems administrators to senior commanders- as the key to success.

Intrusion Detection

• Access Control • Perimeter/Early Warning Detection • Maintenance Support for Security • Lenel Certified Staff

Software Lifecycle

Software used in today’s mission-critical and operational environments is vulnerable to malicious threats. In order to improve resilience to attack and inadvertent misuse, assurances that closely couple with diligent security engineering and industry best practices are required to protect software systems. When properly integrated into the software development lifecycle (SDLC), software assurance best practices can improve the security posture of the system and reduce the risk of an attack.

Systems Integration

Ideogenics has developed and integrated system solutions across hardware and software domains; deployed enterprise integration products that include large scale architectures, asset management systems, supply chain management, and large scale data management systems; integrated knowledge management and thought leadership systems for networks, network security, business intelligence, and large scale data and data management systems. We utilize state of the art methods that address the full life cycle of systems and scale to address delivery of integrated subsystems, systems, and systems of systems for our customers.


Whether your organization is a government agency, a diverse multinational corporation, or a small business, Ideogenics can protect IT assets and sensitive data without the cost of an in-house security organization. Employing active security controls that combine discovery, threat intelligence, commercial-off-the-shelf, and internally developed threat detection capabilities, Ideogenics works to protect against known dangers while monitoring network activity for signs of emerging threats.

Ideogenics specializes in computer protection training and information assurance and assessment that comply with The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). We ensure that clients seeking cyber security are armed with significant knowledge and processes to effectively improve the security of IT systems, applications, and databases. Ideogenics has a proven track record of identifying and classifying critical cyber assets, assessing risks, and implementing adequate controls on IT systems and networks. We have combined our expertise to execute an agency-wide information security program in order to gain control and meet FISMA compliance. Examples of services are listed below:

  • Cyber Security to President Obama’s Former Cyber security Chief, Melissa Hathaway
  • Report to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) security management of Information Management, Systems and Technology, and Enterprise Architecture in accordance with OMB Circular A-130 (Management of Federal Information Resources).
  • Develop and maintain the IC client’s Information Resource Management Strategic Plan (IRM) as required.
  • Implement all information policies, principles, standards, guidelines, rules and regulations.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 technologies like youtube, facebook, twitter, and other social media widgets can keep your organization connected to its clients and employees, promote information awareness, and also collect information about target populations. Ideogenics has designed and implemented enterprise-wide social networking capabilities at public and private institutions and in the defense and intelligence communities to improve knowledge management, communications, and collaboration and foster virtual communities. More specifically, government agencies need more horizontal collaboration so they can integrate their missions more closely. Social media technologies can be powerful enablers in this effort, and can link disjointed communities and provide digital identities.

Media Analysis

There are a myriad of media platforms available on the world wide web. People use these media technologies to communicate data, and it is critical for an organization to remain up to speed with the latest. Ideogenics offers innovative solutions to analyzing media, whether it is using a commercial-off-the-shelf program, or using our expert developers to generate a unique software application. Either way, we empower our clients with the ability to extract data from all over the web, and generate reports based on populations, geography, tonality, and other key factors.

Facilities Management

Ideogenics provides Cradle to Grave Facilities Support which includes warehouse management, building repair and maintenance, equipment refresh, and helpdesk support. Other areas of expertise:

– LEED Support

– HVAC/Air Handling Support

– Equipment Repair/Replacement

– Certified Technicians for most building upgrades.