December 14, 2016  
  State Department Award  
  State Department awards contract for IT Support to Ideogenics. Ideogenics will be providing IT and Admin Support to the Bureau of Overseas Building Operations.  
  October 3, 2016  
  Department of Labor Hardware Support Award  

 The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation has awarded Ideogenics a contract to provide on-site hardware support

  December 21, 2011  
  Department of the Army Hardware Maintenance Award  

Ideogenics is pleased to announce The Department of the Army has awarded Ideogenics a 1 year contract for Hardware Maintenance at US Army Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. 

  October 6, 2011  
  Library of Congress Award  

Ideogenics was awarded a contract with the Library of Congress. We look forward to providing their staff with excellent service. 

  March 24, 2011  
  Ideogenics Wins Project with FBI  

Ideogenics will oversee the attainment and delivery of publications for an internal training session at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  September 29, 2010  
  Ideogenics wins HUD contract  

Ideogenics is please to announce that we were awarded the HUD Public and Indian Housing Internet/Intranet contract for the 2nd consecutive year.


  August 30, 2010  
  Ideogenics and Avineon  

Ideogenics is pleased to announce a partnership with Avineon through a Mentor/Protégé Agreement in relation to the Department of Homeland Security. Avineon also began as a small disadvantaged business and graduated from the Small Business Administration 8(a) program. Having grown to become a profitable large business, Avineon’s staff understands the challenges of developing a small business and transitioning to large business operations. 

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